2013-2014 Meeting Schedule

 Date Title
Presenter Location
9/17/13 R/P FLIP Tour Bill Gaines Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Nimitz Marine Facility
10/15/13 A Detailed Validation of Numerical Flow Analysis to Predict the Hydrodynamics of a Deep-V Planing Hull Kyle Bruckner, SAIC Fiddler's Green
11/19/13 Unified Fluid Dynamic Theory of Physics Tom Lang Fiddler's Green
12/4/13 Student Design Presentations   Hawaii
12/17/13 The Accidental Shipbuilder Richard Groesch Fiddler's Green
1/21/14 Transonic Hull, Very Slender Vessel, and Axe Bow Hull Alberto Calderon Fiddler's Green
2/18/14 Ships to Reefs Dick Long Fiddler's Green
3/18/14 Repair and Modernization of Navy vessels BAE Fiddler's Green
4/23/14 LNG Use in Hawaii  Joe Boivin Maple Garden, Hawaii
4/15/14 Mobile Landing Platform Ship Tour NASSCO
5/20/14 Rapid Empirical Innovation Model Test Platform Chris Todter, Johnny Smullen, M-Ship Co. Fiddler's Green
6/10/14 LNG Propulsion for Marine Applications Jason Hancock Fiddler's Green
7/2014 Day at the Races Del Mar Race Track